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Volumes of talent
Trio of children’s books showcases artist-author hybrids

Being multitalented is always impressive, especially when it comes to creating children’s books. Authors who can illustrate, artists who can write — what’s not to love? Here, three gifted creators show that it’s possible to do it all and do it well...

John Segal’s “Carrot Soup” (Margaret K. McElderry Books, $12.95) is a full-scale picture book at an unusually small price. But that’s hardly its only selling point. As a tribute to friendship, this book is tops. In a winning combination of pencil and watercolor, Segal gives readers a variety of animal characters whose smiles radiate off the pages.

The case of the missing carrots is not a garden-variety tale; it carries curious readers to a surprise ending that is as satisfying as the carrot soup Rabbit initially thinks he’ll have to go without. Expressive faces and a humorous narrative combine to give readers a repeated appetite for this book. An unexpected bonus at the end is Rabbit’s own carrot soup recipe, with wise advice: “Be sure to have a grown-up help you make this soup!”

By Lois Henderlong - Special to the Journal-World,Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Guardian (UK)

When Rabbit goes to dig up some carrots to make his delicious carrot soup, he finds that they have all gone. Who could have been there before him? Rabbit sets out on a carrot search, misled by his friends, who weave their way through the background with the carrots. What are they up to? All ends happily for rabbit - including a feast of his favourite carrot soup. Children following the pictures will enjoy knowing the secret long before the text winds the story up

Ready for Spring

Carrot Soup is a delightful children's book (ages 3-6) to get a child in the spring mood. Illustrator John Segal makes his debut as an author as well as illustrator for this whimsical story about Rabbit. Rabbit is ready for spring and plants his carrots, for carrot soup is his favorite meal. Segal's watercolor illustrations show Rabbit caring for his crop and waiting a bit impatiently for them to grow. He is ready to harvest them, but the carrots are missing. Rabbit confers with his friends Dog, Cat, Mole, Pig and Duck, but no one tells Rabbit where his carrots have gone. Much discouraged Rabbit returns home. As with all happy children's stories, there is a happy ending, when Rabbit finds his friends have made his favorite meal for him.

The illustrations are done in muted spring colors and Segal animates Rabbit and his friends with simple lines. The text is perfect for reading aloud or for a new reader to practice his or her skills.